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child of magic by MeowSaidTheKitty child of magic :iconmeowsaidthekitty:MeowSaidTheKitty 3 0
Game of Life [1] (Bill Cipher x Reader)
"You have got to be kidding me."
You had only just arrived at your aunt's cabin around ten minutes ago, but you were already feeling the stress of new surroundings. She had told you your room would be in the attic, which didn't nearly bother you as much as what you discovered when you opened the door to your new room.
Dust. Cobwebs. And boxes upon boxes laying everywhere. You dropped your bag and groaned at the mess.
"(Name), you can take all the boxes out of the room! Oh, and you can look inside them to see if you want anything!" Katherine called up the stairs.
You sighed once again as you rolled up your sleeves and got to work.
Two hours and thirty minutes later, you were practically done with your room makeover, and you were pretty satisfied. Your bed was covered in your favorite stuffed animals (yes, even though you are fifteen, you love stuffed animals) and pillows, and a fluffy (color) comforter. The walls were almost completely hidden behind the posters your had s
:iconmeowsaidthekitty:MeowSaidTheKitty 38 16
Game of Life [0] (Bill Cipher x Reader)
Your parents had shipped you off to a small town called Gravity Falls without so much as a warning. You were picked up from your high school on the last day of the school year, had an hour to pack all your stuff, and dropped you off at the nearest bus stop with a one-way ticket to Gravity Falls, Oregon.
They told you as they kissed you goodbye, that they loved you very much and wanted you to spend the summer with you beloved Aunt Katherine while they "worked out some problems".
You saw right through them.
For years, your parents had been having "problems" and couldn't really stand each other anymore. You highly doubted they would last even to the end of summer vacation.
You sighed and waved them goodbye.
After getting on the bus, and the bus driver tipped his flat cap to say hello, you went to the very back of the bus and sat with your knees pulled up to your chest. You had no friends, and you were going to live in place completely foreign to you.
This summer is go
:iconmeowsaidthekitty:MeowSaidTheKitty 24 3
Mature content
T r a g e d y. [3] (A Hetalia/Tokyo Ghoul AU) :iconmeowsaidthekitty:MeowSaidTheKitty 2 2
Mature content
T r a g e d y. [2] (A Hetalia/Tokyo Ghoul AU) :iconmeowsaidthekitty:MeowSaidTheKitty 3 0
Mature content
T r a g e d y. [1] (A Hetalia/Tokyo Ghoul AU) :iconmeowsaidthekitty:MeowSaidTheKitty 1 0
T r a g e d y. [0] (A Hetalia/Tokyo Ghoul AU)
"Are we there yet?"
".... Are we there now?"
".... Are we there now?"
Lovino tried to hold back his overwhelming desire to punch Feliciano out of the plane. It hasn't even been seconds since they have stepped on the plane when his little brother suddenly started to spit these annoying questions. Instead, he gave a deep glare and snarled.
"Ask that stupid question one more time, you idiotic bastard!" he snapped. He quickly tried to calm himself down though, promising that he would not let anything ruin his good mood, not even Feliciano.
Lovino was happy that they finally got to move out of that old, crappy house back in Italy. Ever since their grandfather had passed away, he started to think about a much better life. A better life outside of Italy. He didn't really know what had gotten into him that made him chose Japan as his new home. Maybe it was something about their culture that interested him in a way. Whatever the case, he was certainly happy about the futu
:iconmeowsaidthekitty:MeowSaidTheKitty 2 0
Little Angel by MeowSaidTheKitty Little Angel :iconmeowsaidthekitty:MeowSaidTheKitty 2 8


The Secrets of Our Past by Arnumdrusk The Secrets of Our Past :iconarnumdrusk:Arnumdrusk 234 52 Finding Atlantis by RRproAni Finding Atlantis :iconrrproani:RRproAni 80 10 Festival of Shadows - Kidagakash: Atlantis by FoxDragonLover Festival of Shadows - Kidagakash: Atlantis :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 69 18 sonadow Unfinished 1p by lujji sonadow Unfinished 1p :iconlujji:lujji 701 53 Dark Sonic by aoki6311 Dark Sonic :iconaoki6311:aoki6311 1,548 57
112.5% of cute
is it still cool to do these
[] You have blue/green eyes
[] You have freckles
[x] You blush a lot
[x]You giggle
[x]You're quiet
[x] You say random things (like purposely or just ?? bc the brain trips over itself ?? i'll assume tripping over itself)
[x] You have a baby face
[x]You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of
[x] You don't wear halter tops or anything too showy
[]You're under 5 feet 6 inches (5'7)
[x] You're a virgin
[x] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush. ( `//^//´)
[x] Your idea of a date is really romantic
[x] You sleep with a stuffed animal
[x] You like to cuddle 
[x] You never played the nervous game
[/]You don't even know what the nervous game is (i mean. i can guess what it probably is)
[xx] You cry easily (i cry at the drop of a hat tbh)
[xxx] You like the color pink
[x] You tend to wear bright girly colors
[x] You CAN be ignorant
[x] You consider yourself shy (i am shy and yet i shove myself into social situations and then wonder "wo
:iconcrystallyna:Crystallyna 7 3
Wet surface effect voiceover tutorial .promo by sakimichan Wet surface effect voiceover tutorial .promo :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,871 40 .: You're My Everything :. by Crystallyna .: You're My Everything :. :iconcrystallyna:Crystallyna 133 8 .: Melancholy :. by Crystallyna .: Melancholy :. :iconcrystallyna:Crystallyna 136 6 Feeling Better by DestinyBlue Feeling Better :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 5,546 1,043 HA by Lenmeu HA :iconlenmeu:Lenmeu 1,031 221 shadomari by Lenmeu shadomari :iconlenmeu:Lenmeu 1,500 98 Meeting Again by Unichrome-uni Meeting Again :iconunichrome-uni:Unichrome-uni 1,281 135 Suicidal by DestinyBlue Suicidal :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 7,827 1,035 this was a lot better in my head by grangerpixel this was a lot better in my head :icongrangerpixel:grangerpixel 94 4 Zelda - Breath of the Wild by GENZOMAN Zelda - Breath of the Wild :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 7,125 107


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So here are the characters and their role in this  T r a g e d y.

Italy Veneziano/Feliciano Vargas:
The main character of this story. Bubbly, kind, and a bit cowardly, Feliciano is a young man of twenty who moves to Japan with his brother to start a new life. However, he was attacked by a ghoul the night he moved there, and things have taken a turn for the worse for him.

Italy Romano/Lovino Vargas:
Main character. The grumpy older brother, Lovino has no trouble using profanity in every sentence he speaks. He has a tough exterior and often degrades his brother, but really cares for him a lot. Has a strange affinity for tomatoes.

Chinami Kudo:
Supporting character. A beautiful young woman that catches the eye of men and women alike. She is actually a dangerous rinkaku ghoul, and attempted to eat Feliciano, but was killed when hit by a truck. Since she had left the boy near death, they transferred her organs into his body to save him.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt:
Main character. He's Second-Class Ghoul Investigator who often looks angry or serious, but really that's just how his face appears. He is a hard worker and focuses on the task before anything else. Ludwig is actually good at baking cakes, and has a strong love for his brother and dogs.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt:
Supporting character. Gilbert is a First-Class Ghoul Investigator at the young age of twenty-six. He's actually egotistical and calls himself "awesome" almost 24/7. However, he has a great strength when it comes to fighting ghouls.

America/Alfred F. Jones:
Main character. Extremely energetic and surprisingly strong, Alfred is the youngest Ghoul Investigator at the age of nineteen. His terrifying willpower to exterminate all ghouls started when a ghoul handicapped his brother Matthew when they were little.

England/Arthur Kirkland:
Supporting character. A cynical bikaku ghoul that raised Alfred and Matthew. Deeply cares for the two, but was rejected by Alfred when he found out Arthur was a ghoul.

France/Francis Bonnefoy:
Supporting character. A koukaku ghoul that is obsessed with eating Feliciano. Kind of a pervert and is constantly eating fancy dishes.

Japan/Kiku Honda:
Main character. A quiet young man that works at Anteiku. He is an ukaku ghoul that was raised by the Ghoul Investigator Yao Wang. When Yao found out he was a ghoul, Kiku feared he would kill him- although Yao said otherwise- and slashed him on the back to stop him from doing so. He's had mixed feelings about his caretaker since.

China/Yao Wang:
Main Character. A First-Class Ghoul Investigator who raised Kiku, not knowing he was actually a ghoul at first. However when he eventually found out, he still cared for Kiku and didn't want to kill him. Unfortunately, the ghoul didn't believe him and slashed Yao's back in an attempt to escape.

Russia/Ivan Braginski:
Supporting character. Ivan is a rinkaku ghoul, just like Feliciano. He assists Feliciano later in the story as his bodyguard of sorts. Acts in a childlike manner and loves sunflowers and vodka. Also plans on bashing people's skulls in, too. 

Canada/Matthew Williams:
Supporting character. The quiet and calm brother of Alfred. He was attacked by a ghoul when he was young, and it left him paralyzed in his legs. He keeps a stuffed polar bear that Alfred bought him years ago. 


So here's some basic info about the characters in this AU! I'm not sure who's all going to be in it though...


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